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Welcome to our new website!

Hello and welcome to the first of many new blog posts and reviews! As our time with video making has been short recently we have decided to do the final push with this website and get it up and running. We will still continue to do videos on our YouTube channel (which you can totally check out down below) of course, but doing written reviews has been something we've wanted to do for a long time.

So, what can you expect to find by subscribing to this blog? Well, mostly reviews of board games that we don't have time to do a video for. You see, we've reached a point with our YouTube channel where people want to send us games, yay! But, a lot goes into making a video, from playing a game multiple times, writing a script, setting up our studio, recording, editing with lots of recorded b-roll, to post production stuff, and proper research into marketing the video. Unfortunately we just don't have that time right now for all of those games, but we still want to receive them and give them the coverage that they deserve. So while we will still be recording videos when we can, this will be a nice way for us to stay on top of our reviews.

I'm sure along the way we'll also post general updates and other board game related fun stuff! If that sounds like something you might be interested there's a subscription form at the bottom of the page that you can fill in to stay up to date! Also I'm fairly certain that you can make an account here and leave comments if you like (maybe, I'm still figuring this all out)!

Thanks for reading, and until the next one, we'll see you soon!

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